Upright Bass Repair, Restoration and Set Up in Portland,Oregon.

Pete's Bass Shop has been providing the finest Bass repair, restoration and set up in Portland for the past 20 years. Customer satisfaction is what my reputation is built upon. Whether it's a neck graft, new bass bar, soundpost patch, a new bridge, crack repair, fingerboard dressing, full restoration or something simple, like a soundpost adjustment, or an open seam.

Specializing in acoustic bass set up for any style of playing; Jazz, Classical, Rockabilly, or Bluegrass and beyond.

Whatever your performance needs, all work is guaranteed.

More of the many services and repairs available at Pete's Upright Bass Shop

  • All set up, to improve playability.
  • Install new strings
  • Fit "New" bridge with adjusters.
  • Re-glue loose fingerboard, or Dress fingerboard
  • Crack and seam repair/gluing
  • repair broken neck
  • Reset neck
  • 5 String conversion
  • Neck/Scroll graft
  • Brazing of broken tuning machines.
  • Find and fix rattles, buzzing, and vibrations.
  • Any, and all structural restoration.
  • Varnish touchup and restoration.
  • Inlay carbon fiber rods in neck.
  • Travel bass conversions.
  • Custom commissioned basses.
  • Bow re-hairing and repair.
  • Install position markers
  • If you don't see a repair, it means that I probably forgot to list it.
  • Please CALL 503-777-7027

You can rest assured that your instrument will receive the meticulous attention it deserves.

At Pete's Bass Shop, no job is too big or too small.


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New bar, edge doubling and cleats
Preparing patch bed for soundpost patch.
Neck Replacement
Removing lower block
Major Damage lower bout
Lower Block Repair
Major Damage lower bout  Langer 3/4
Clamps and more clamps
New Fingerboard, nut and dead center bridge for 1974 Engelhart
crack repair
Prepping a scroll for a graft


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4233 SE Boise St.
Portland OR 97206

Pete Lampe

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