Handmade Double Basses by Pete Lampe

#1. The Tarr Bass

Completed 2020, by Pete Lampe.

Inspired by an English bass by William Tarr, ca.1853

7/8 body, with a 41.25 inch string length. Eb neck. Easy to play, and get around. Not heavy for it's size.

Massive fundamental tone, with singing upper register arco. Very punchy and open feeling for jazz/pizz.

Extra long ebony fingerboard for soloists.

Very responsive in all registers. Loud, and projecting sound.

Northwest Big Leaf maple, neck, back, and sides. (aged over 20 yrs.) Highly figured 250 y/o Sitka spruce, (aged over 40yrs).

Expansive arching; Top and back are 28" across, and 2 pc book matched. Detailed workmanship throughout.

Rubner hat peg tuning machines. Handsomely inlaid purfling, on top and back.

Adjustable Despiu bridge. Heavy German endpin. Padded bag included.

Price $14,000




Top timber ready for shaping
Shaping the lower block
Braces and linings installed
Graham plays the unvarnished Tarr
F-hole, bass side.
Tarr bass-Early varnish
Scroll- treble side
Scroll- front view

#2 The 1905~SOLD

Inspired by my personal  favorite German flat back, that has served me so well for over 30 years.

The 1905 is a 3/4 size flat back, has a 41.25 string length, fully carved, aged Maple neck, back, and sides. Aged Spruce top with ebony fingerboard an fittings.

Available with hand carved scroll/neck, or German trade scroll/ hand carved neck. Choice of machines.

This bass lives at the 1905 Jazz club, here in Portland, and be heard most nights, being played by the finest bassists in the world.

#3~The ISB Bass: Silver medal winner

Twenty years a go, I purchased two huge slab maple boards (approx 2 inches thick), hoping to one day to make one piece back basses from them. 

Here are pictures of the building process

Update: Well, the ISB convention went well. This bass received a silver medal for tone, and welcome reviews from players and makers, all around.

The sound really is something. Mature and rich, with a bow; while the round, punchy pizzicato penetrates in any ensemble.

Eric and the Rubo saw. Resawing the slab.
Back and ribs from one slab. On a very hot day. Cheers!
#3 Timber PNW Big Leaf Maple
Corner blocks and inset lining.
Roughing out the top plate.
Sealed, and ready for varnish
a small inclusion in the top edge.
Corner closeup
 note slight hook in upper bout for easier handling.
Several coats of varnish
Runner machines fitted
Another angle of the top plate


3/4 German Flat back. ca. 1890 "The Studio Bass"

Hat peg tuners, and beautiful lines. The back looks like a 200 y/o Italian with all the scratches and golden ground coat. I'm calling this "The Studio Bass" Amazing tone and playability that engineers and players dream about. Would sound amazing on recordings. Extensively repaired, over the years, but was well cared for, and has remained in very stable playable condition for the last 30 years. A solid instrument that should stay that way for many years. Price $6,500, OBO.

ca.1947 Andreus Morelli (German) 3/4 

Round Back. Carved, Violin corners. Excellent condition. Label reads Made in Germany "USSR occupied".

Strong focused sound  pizzicato or arco. Played for many years in San Diego Symphony.

Also works great for jazz. 


19th Century German (Markneukirchen)

Late 19th century German Flat back 3/4 size. Gamba shape

Originally 3 strings- converted to 4 strings years ago.

Restored, and re-edged. Adjustable bridge, and German endpin. New- massive ebony fingerboard.

Easy to play in all registers.

Classic flat back tone and projection with lots of low fundimental.

Played and maintained by a professional player.

Currently set up with D"Addario Kapplan strings and sounds amazing with a bow!

Would make a wonderful conservatory, audition bass.

Comes with Deluxe Mooradian bag.

Motivated Seller

$10,000. OBO 


1998 Quenoil "French model" Double bass

3/4 Sloping shoulders. Violin corners.

Originally purchased from the late George Vance. These basses were produced in Manila, Philippines at the Institute of Italian Luthiery.

Made from New Zealand Spruce and Philippine Poplar. 

One owner.

No shrinkage, cracks, or issues of any kind. Played for jazz, and classical, as well as a long stint with a salsa band, this bass has what it takes. Solid, rugged and very well built to last a lifetime. Drilled for Rabbath endpin, but has a standard endpin as well.

Priced to sell! $10,500.

1998 Quenoil

Vintage Laminated Basses (Kay, King, American Standard, Epiphone, etc.)

 1946 Kay 5 string #13726 "Chubby Jackson" model Excellent condition for its age. Very powerful with a low B/C, or a high C string. Great sustain and volume. Easy playing 5 string. Flamed maple veneer, w amber/orange finish. Currently set up with Spirocore strings. Padded bag. Asking $4,995.00. OBO

2006 Englhardt ES-1  

#88072 This Englhardt is well loved, but in very good conditon. Sounds great, with big volume. Solid, with lots of patina. Well set up. Adjustable bridge, synthetic strings, adjustable endpin and pick up.

With new padded bag.


European Factory basses

1990's Romanian 3/4 Flat back Gamba. Focused and projecting tone. Well constructed, and healthy.

Easy playing and very well set up. Honey amber varnish. Adjustable bridge, and endpin.

Padded bag. $3,300.

Shen Fully Carved Double Basses


Shen 3/4 Willow Flat Back 200.

(More Coming soon)

Fully Carved, willow back and sides. Spruce top. 

These basses always have a punchy attack, with a round focused  sound, that really penetrates in any musical setting.

One of my most popular (and hard to get) models. 

Adjustable bridge, soft bag, fully set up, and adjusted.


Shen Hybrid-Double Basses


Shen Model 150 3/4 size Hybrid bass.

2 Violin corners 3/4

2 Gamba corner 3/4 

Set up and adjusted, with D'Addario Helicore strings, adjustable bridge and padded gig bag.



Shen Model 150 Gemunder 7/8 size Hybrid bass.

If a large orchestra (or Jazz) bass is what you are after, then this bass might be the one for you.

Strong, loud, and supported tone. The spruce top provide lots of sustain and overtones to the sound, while the laminated back and sides add to the ruggedness of this instrument.

Fully set up, adjusted, and ready for summer music making.

Comes with Shen padded bag.


Shen 200 Round Back Willow
Shen 200 Willow Scroll
Shen 200 Willow- 3/4Round back

Shen Laminated Basses

Pete's Upright Bass Shop of Portland, is proud to be Portland's exclusive source for Shen basses: The finest Chinese, student, basses on the market!

Model 80  size 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4 (rental/rent to own)

Model 90 Blonde~ back ordered

Model 88 1/2, 5/8, 3/4 Hand oiled finish. upgraded veneer.

***ALL new Laminated basses are set up, adjusted and approved by Pete himself. includes: Expert fingerboard dress, with just the right amount of scoop. High grade maple adjustable bridge, upgraded endpin, with choice of D'Addario Helicore strings standard. And of course, a padded gig bag.

Shen 88 Laminated Violin destined for a local H.S.
Shen 7/8 Rogeri Hybrid waiting for it's new owner
Shen 3/4 Model 80


I also can vouch for Pete. I bought my Hungarian bass from him, it was made by a small luthier in Budapest, brought in by a relative here in the area. It was an upgrade from a fully carved Christopher which Pete sold for me in just two weeks.