William Tarr ca1853 (English Copy)


Completed 2020, by Pete Lampe

Large body, with a 41 inch string length. Eb neck.

Massive fundamental tone, with singing upper register. Extra long ebony fingerboard for soloists.

Northwest Big Leaf maple, neck, back, and sides. (aged over 20 yrs.) 300 y/o Sitka spruce, (aged over 40yrs) with amazing figure. Expansive arching and detailed workmanship throughout. Inlaid purfling. Adjustable bridge w carbon fiber endpin. Padded bag included. $12,000.00 US




Master crafted Hungarian basses by Akos Balaz

  • 2019 German Flat Back Copy. Modeled after my personal German flat back bass that I have owned, played since for the last 30 years. An amazing jazz bass with a huge arco sound! Call for price.                                                                                                                                                           

Vintage Laminated Basses (Kay, King, American Standard, Epiphone, etc.


  • 70's German 3/4 Interesting hybrid.  2 pc. laminated spruce top. Solid sides and back! Big open sound, ebony board, new adjustable bridge, new endpin, strings. Quality padded bag. Reduced! $3595.00
  • 70's German Plywood 3/4 - Easy playing and sounds good. $2,895.00
  • Coming soon-
  • Nice German Laminated 3/4. New fingerboard and nut. New bridge. new endpin. New strings.
  • Un-labled Kay 3/4 Translucent red, with birdseye maple. New bridge, endpin, strings. Cosmetic and set up almost done.
  • 3/4 Epiphone New neck and fingerboard.

New Chinese Laminated and Hybrid Basses

Pete's Upright Bass Shop of Portland, is proud to offer Shen basses exclusively! The finest Chinese student- professional basses on the market!

***ALL new basses are set up, and adjusted by Pete himself. includes: Expert fingerboard dress, with just the right amount of scoop. High grade maple adjustable bridge, upgraded endpin, with choice of D'Addrio Helicore strings standard. And of course, a fully padded bag.


  • Shen Model 88 Laminated- Oil finish Fully set up with D'Addario  strings, adjustable bridge. Shen Bag included. $2,850. 
  • Shen 5/8 size basses are in! Fun to play, easy to haul, and not to small for most 3/4 players. Laminated and Hybrids available.    

  • Shen Model 150 Gamba flat back in stock. Fully set up with bag. $4,150.00  

Fully Carved Instruments. New and Used.




  • "Very Old" German flatback. 3/4 Gamba. Hat peg tuners and beautiful line. The back looks like a 200 y/o italian with all the scratches and golden ground coat. I'm calling this "the Studio Bass" Amazing tone and playability that engineers and players dream about. Would sound amazing on recordings. Extensivly repaired, over the years, but was well cared for, and has remained in very stable playable condition for the last 30 years. Currently a solid instrument and should stay that way for many years, with proper care. Not a "gigging out" instrument. Solid but, too fragile. Just like my ego, lol, so please don't low ball me. $6,500 obo.
  • 2019 "New" Corsini model. Round back, fully carved, choice European maple and spruce, ebony fingerboard.  Beautiful, and one of a kind. Powerful sound that is already maturing. Call for price.
  • 7/8 90's German round back. Fully carved. Flamed maple. Spruce top. HUGE sound. $4,500.
  • ca.1947 Andreus Morelli (German) 3/4 carved, Violin corners Excellent condition, Label reads "USSR occupied" Strong focused sound pizzicato or arco. Played by many greats. Rare!.....$15,000.
  • 1/2 Juzek gamba. 1960's great shape with solid, professional repairs. Sounds and plays great for a little bass. Accepting offers.
  • Shen Model 200 Willow 3/4 Fully carved Flatback. Punchy and loud with just the right amount of bright and dark tone. One of my personal favorites. Destined to be a sought after bass on the used market in the future. I can almost hear them now, "Yeah, those flatback Shen willows from the 20's" Killer!                            Frequent new shipments.