Pete Lampe - Petes Upright Bass Shop in Portland

Pete Lampe has been an active bassist in Portland since 1986 and after earning a teaching degree in 1992, went on to teach high school and middle school band and orchestra. Today he limits his teaching but maintains an active gig schedule, playing in several popular groups in the area.


A native of Oregon, Pete Lampe began his journey as a luthier in 1983, when by chance, he acquired a German bass in need of much repair. Over the next three months, (with guidance from Ken Cartwright) he set himself to the task of restoring that old bass; his kitchen table was now relegated to the role of "work bench".

As luck would have it, Mr. Lampe later had the opportunity to study the various aspects of Double Bass luthiery with some highly respected makers and restorers in the field. James Hamm, Lynn Hannings, David Gage, Geoff Daughty, and Lloyd Paulson to name a few.

Employing traditional and contemporary techniques, Mr. Lampe's reputation for the highest level of craftsmanship and service have made him one of the most sought after luthiers in the Northwest.


Founded in 2001, Pete's Bass Shop has, become the destination for all upright bass repair and accessory needs in Portland.


In addition to double basses, we proudly offer the largest selection strings, accessories and new & vintage basses in Oregon.