"If I wouldn't use a product on a gig, I won't sell it to you".


At Pete's Upright Bass Shop of Portland , we know that each player seeks their own unique sound, and we want to make the search a little bit easier.


We stock the newest strings on the market as well as the time tested brands that have helped to shape your sound over the years.


Whether you play Classical, Jazz, Latin, Rock-a-billy, Bluegrass or any style in between, you'll find the best advice and products for any application.


Feel free to call or email with any questions.


Our fine selection of accessories include (but are not limited to) the following.


Upright Bass Pickups and Transducers, Preamps

Fishman Full Circle Fishman Platinum Pro K+K Bass Max David Gage Realist
Schertler Underwood    

Upright Bass Amps

Gallien Krueger Acoustic Image Ampeg Walter Woods
(when available)








Bass Parts and Accessories

Leather Bow Quivers Rosin Dampit Humidifiers Ingals Bass Stands

Bass Wheels Mighty-Brite Stand Lights Tourte style Mutes Practice Mutes

Polish Tuners End Pins Bow Cases

Upright Bass Bows

Glasser Fiberglass

Student Bows



Student Bows


Carbon Fiber Bows
Student Bows
$350 and up
Pernambuco Finest Quality
$600 and up

*We also carry a good selection of fine consignment bows for your approval.