Upright bass Rentals


At Pete's Upright Bass Shop, rentals are an important part of our service.

Whether it's a student rental, vintage instrument for a legend, several basses for a visiting orchestra,

or, just a thumper for the weekend! 


Student Rentals: We proudly offer Shen laminated model 80 double bass rentals. These rentals are fully set up in house and include bag, bow and rosin. Prices start at $60 per month for smaller used basses. $65 for used 3/4 for $75 for brand new model 80 3/4 size.

Fractional szes  available. 1/10-1/8-1/4-1/2-5/8. Call for details.


Concert and show rentals: Prices vary, depending on instrument, pickup and string requests, bows, delivery, etc.

All rentals come with padded bags. Minimum fee $50-120.00. Average $20-25 per day after minimum. Deposit required.

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